As the number of BRMS-implementations increases, more and more organizations search for guidance to design such solutions. Given these premises, more implementation challenges experienced from practice become evident. In this study, we identify the main challenges regarding the governance capability as part of BRM, in the Dutch governmental context. To be able to do so, we utilized a four-round focus group and a three-round Delphi study set-up to collect our data. The analysis resulted in eight implementation challenges experienced by the participants. The presented results provide a grounded basis from which empirical and practical research on best practices can be further explored.

Koen Smit;
Martijn Zoet.

APA Reference:
Smit, K., Zoet, M. (2018). Identifying Challenges in Business Rules Management Implementations Regarding the Governance Capability at Governmental Institutions, 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS2018) / IEEE.