Fundamental Constructs for Derivation Business Rules

Due to the creation of the new Decision Model Standard, derivation business rules play an even more crucial role in organizations’ daily operations. To capture these business rules, organizations can choose between a multitude of commercially and scientifically available business rule languages. However, currently no set of criteria exists to evaluate these business rule languages and underlying tools with regard to expressiveness and preciseness. So, a need for a reference framework to simplify the selection process can be identified. During this research, a set of 15 fundamental constructs is identified, required to create precise and expressive business rules, which can be used as reference framework to perform an evaluation. The identified fundamental constructs have been validated in three different rounds using sequentially 37 patterns, 252 business rules, and six business rule management systems by applying Mill’s Method, which indicated usefulness and completeness.

Eline de Haan
Martijn Zoet

APA Reference:
De Haan, E. & Zoet M. (2017). Fundamental Constructs for Derivation Business Rules. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management, Nice.