Management Control System for Business Rules Management

With increasing investments in business rules management (BRM), organizations are searching for ways to value and benchmark their processes to elicitate, design, specify, verify, validate, deploy, execute and govern business rules. To realize valuation and benchmarking of previously mentioned processes, organizations must be aware that performance
measurement is essential, and of equal importance, which performance indicators to apply as part of performance measurement processes. However, scientific research on BRM, in general, is limited and research that focuses on BRM in combination with performance indicators is nascent. The purpose of this paper is to define performance indicators for
previously mentioned BRM processes. We conducted a three round focus group and three round Delphi Study, which led to the identification of 14 performance indicators. In this paper, we re-address and – present our earlier work [33], yet we extended the previous research with more detailed descriptions of the related literature, findings, and results, which provide a grounded basis from which further, empirical, research on performance indicators for BRM can be explored.

Koen Smit
Martijn Zoet

APA Reference:
Smit, K., Zoet, M. (2016). Management Control System for Business Rules Management. International Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements (IARIA), pp 210-219.